Words to live by

Not sure why but I have not read The Alchemist by Paolo Coehlo, it has certainly walked through my awareness many times. I recently came across a quote from the book and wanted to share it here.

“Listen to your heart because it came from the soul of the world and it will one day return there.”

Them’s fighting words!! Here are my thesaurus options, in case you want or need them…

  • Listen to = honor / follow
  • Your heart = your inner voice / the whisper of your soul / the stillness that speaks
  • From the soul of the world = God / the source of all / the universe / the divine / everything
  • It will return there = your heart will return to wholeness, to truth, to love

Often we hear expressions that urge us to “do what you love”, “follow your bliss” and we do not fully grasp their enormity. Life is short, we are all going to die, time to get off the sidelines.

Abundance lies just beyond the first step we take in the journey to “listen to [y]our heart”.


Don’t blink

I love reading Seth Godin, an interesting and provocative marketer. I am currently enjoying his book “Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck?” and found this little gem I wanted to share:

That Moment

When you are sitting right on the edge of something daringand scary and creative and powerful and perhaps wonderful…and you blink and take a step back.

That’s the moment. The moment between you and remarkable. Most people blink. Most people get stuck.

All the hard work and preparation and daring and luck are nothing compared with the ability to not blink.


I am going to work on diminishing my talent for blinking; meet you on the other side :)


It’s wrong to copy…or is it?

What if I told you I copy other people’s work? I actually use pen and paper to hand write their words into my notebooks. I do this for work writing and for “fun” writing and I do it often. I have notebooks whose pages are swollen with the abundance of words, the covers unable to close tight or contain the brilliant ideas held within.

Does that color your opinion of me?

It has certainly colored my opinion of myself; as I feel the pen engaged, the words flowing easily, something in me releases and I begin to feel like a writer. My own thoughts, ideas and words spill onto the page and suddenly I am not copying; I am creating, I am writing, I am free.

And that is the crux of the matter – I begin to feel like a writer. Let me say that again – I begin to feel like a writer. Holy crap, I felt that all the way to my toes – I feel like a writer!!

What lies deep in your heart, afraid of failure, of not being enough?

If there is even the tiniest whisper inviting you to create, you must listen to it, you must honor it, you must allow yourself to release it to the world. And if copying those who have done it helped me, it just might help you too.


52 days

We are all familiar with New Year resolutions and many of them are grand, sweeping and huge, which might explain why we often fall down on the path before the end of January.

I realized quite some time ago that failing to do things on my to-do list is not good for me so I changed the way I approached the new year (and resolutions in general) … it has become another day, nothing more, nothing less, in this amazing experience/experiment I call my life.

We have 52 days left in 2014 – 1 day for every week. And I am excited to open myself up to the bounty and abundance that I have left untouched thus far.

Perhaps you have some things you wanted to shift this year and have let slide, waiting till the next New Year to begin again. I say, to hell with that crazy idea,  START NOW! Every day is the opportunity to start fresh; what are we waiting for?

I am focused on 3 elements in my life for the next 52 days, knowing that everything will shine when I honor my authentic self:

  • Compassion – in every moment, every exchange, with all beings, including myself
  • Healthy – making the choices that an outrageously healthy person would make
  • Writing – every day I will honor the writer in me, regardless of results

I would love to hear how you make changes in your life, what helps to shift perspective, how do you open yourself to abundance, joy and peace?



Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? Me neither … and I’m 48 and supposedly all grown up!

I have been trying to find the answer to this question for the past 10 years; before then I was completely engaged in full-time parenting and had no desire for anything else.

I recently started a new business and feel very confident that I am closer than ever to finding my dream work. (Check out my new page) It is easy to get distracted by bright shiny objects (money, fame, glory, romantic notions etc…) but ultimately in order to discover abundance in your work life it is essential to honor who you are. I received this lovely passage in a newsletter this morning and hope it serves as a reminder to us all:

From motivational author J. Wallace Hamilton:

Don’t settle for anything less than what you really want. Be wary of accepting offers of safety and security at the expense of your own creative freedom. Once you trade your freedom for the illusion of security, you have a hard time ever getting your freedom back. Follow your heart, and your life will be blessed with unexpected favors.



I don’t have any bad habits…really

I read an article in Shambala Sun that got me thinking about habits and how they can affect every aspect of our lives. The visual that spoke most clearly to me was that of a sheet of paper that has been crumpled into a ball and then re-flattened; it will never again be flat or smooth.

We have all heard a version of this parable before. What struck me about this one in particular was that a crumpled piece of paper is still usable, can still serve a purpose and yet, underneath whatever is written on it, the crinkles will be visible.

What habits do I have that are similar to the crumpling of paper? Not so bad as to cause significant damage but detrimental enough to cause wrinkles and ripples in my life.

Worth thinking about.

What habits do you have that are similar to the crumpling of paper?