Failure is an option

Do you ever judge yourself harshly? Have you ever beat yourself up over some failing or bad choice? Can you see your own faults and short-comings clearly?

Me too!!!

Life has thrown a few curve balls this past week and I did not have the ability or inclination to post here. I missed 3 days of writing and that could certainly be seen as a failure. I have chosen to see it differently this time.

It feels good to cut myself some slack. It feels liberating to set the (human success) bar at a more realistic level. It feels authentic and abundant to be loving and kind to myself.

What the hell difference does it make in the big picture of my life that I set a blogging goal and failed to achieve it? My purpose in this life is complete surrender to the Divine; I’m not sure blogging or goals play much of a role in this purpose.

What is your purpose in life? And what human shackles can you release in order to fulfill your purpose?


Gratitude saves the day

The only sure way to soothe an aching heart is to start listing off the things for which you are grateful, so here goes:

  • I am grateful for my health and my strong body
  • I give thanks for a wonderful husband and 4 amazing children
  • I am grateful for a home and plenty of food
  • I am grateful to have two furry little canines in my life
  • I give thanks for my sister
  • I am grateful to have such a large loving extended family
  • I give thanks for the education I received
  • I am grateful to be able to read and write
  • I am grateful to live in a democracy (albeit a failing one)
  • I give thanks for friends I have lost and the memories that remain
  • I am grateful for the many options in my life
  • I am grateful I do not live in fear

I could write a list of 100 things in my life that fill my heart and I am grateful for each and every one of them. I am grateful to know that this too shall pass, that all will be well, that all is in fact, perfect in this moment.

Wishing you gratitude on the good days and most especially on the not-so-good days.


You already do it …

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” ― Amit Ray

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” ― Thích Nhất Hạnh

I love to teach breathing; one simple technique can transform a life in just days.

One of the best things about breathing is that every person on the planet already participates so it does not require any dramatic new habits or time commitments.

I use the following technique throughout the day whenever I think of it but especially when I am “doing nothing” – waiting at a traffic light, lying in bed, staring aimlessly at a website!!

Deep belly-breathing:

  • Exhale as fully as you can, gently squeezing your belly-button towards your spine.
  • Take a moment to let the body be empty of breath, without forcing it.
  • Your inhale will happen naturally – let the belly fill slowly.
  • Once the belly is full, feel the breath expand up through the ribcage, into the collar bones.
  • Again, take an effortless moment to enjoy the fullness of breath in the body.
  • Repeat as many times as you like and as often as you remember throughout your day.

I hope you find this breathing as relaxing, grounding and transformative as I do.



A most delicious start to your day

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this is my go-to when we have a house full of loved ones. I double or triple the recipe, like I had to this past weekend when we were 11 for Sunday brunch.

Baked Oatmeal:

  • 1/3 cups canola oil
  • 2/3 – 3/4 cup sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup milk
  • 3 cups oatmeal
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  •  1 add in (see below)



Combine the oil, sugar, eggs and milk and beat well. Add dry ingredients, mix thoroughly. Then fold in the add-in option of your choice. Pour into a greased 8in dish. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.


Add-in options:

  • 1 cup raisins
  • 1 peeled, cored and chopped apple with 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 cup nuts
  • 1 cup frozen berries (Blueberries are our favorite)

Serve the baked oatmeal with warm milk poured over it.

I hope you enjoy it and be sure to share any variations you try :)



Chinny chin chin…

I made it by the hair of my ….

About 25 days ago I promised myself that I would blog every day till the end of 2014. I have missed one day and did not want to miss today.

A day filled with love, joy, celebration and family.

Today our youngest child was awarded his Eagle Scout award and it was a most fabulous day for all of us who love him.

I feel blessed beyond measure, I love my 4 kidlets more today than I did yesterday. I am grateful for my abundant life.


Abundance in your back yard

Some of the greatest blessings in life are hidden right in your own back yard.

You can take this literally if you have a few feet of diggable earth – you can grow lots and lots of food in tiny spaces and even those of us living in apartments can grow our own herbs, tomatoes and the like.

If you want to be less literal… look around your neighborhood; what do you find there?

For me that list feels abundant and generous – I can easily walk to the post office, library, grocery store, bank, pubs, restaurants. This short list enhances my life in untold ways:

  • At the post office I can send cards of love (congrats, condolences & more) to far-flung family and friends.
  • The library is my favorite blessing because it opens up the world and invites me to explore and grow in new ways.
  • The grocery stores and banks allow me to feed my family and conduct business.
  • At the restaurants and pubs I get to meet the most important gifts in my back yard – neighbors, community members and new friends.

Today I am grateful to live in a community that supports my life and our family. What is in your back yard?


If you wanna grow, you gotta learn

Sometimes learning something new can push a person (okay, I mean me) close to the edge!

I do not consider myself particularly technical, as in, I can navigate the basics of my computer but am not inclined to get a new one so I can avoid learning new tools. I know how to use this blog but have been resisting the need to build one for my new business… for weeks!!

It has been the elephant in the room, preventing me from moving forward and still I tried to squeeze by, trying one no-new-learning option after another. To no avail. As I suspected (okay, I knew), I have to build a new platform.

I mentioned recently how important it is to know yourself and I know that I get overwhelmed by lots of details and the need to learn something so far outside my comfort zone it is in a different galaxy! So this whole process has been very challenging.

Yesterday I started with baby steps and probably made it about 15% of the way into the exercise. Today I made it another 15-20% and my poor brain is fried. (Is it time for wine yet???)

Another thing I know about myself is that I am terribly impatient (working on this, daily!!) so I really want this finished, like 3 weeks ago. But… what a personal growth experience (and I’m not being sarcastic). So far these are the big steps I have taken:

  • I kept nudging the elephant, doing lots of research and honing in on exactly what I want.
  • Over the course of 10 days I dipped my big toe and finally was knee deep in the process, still unsure, but at least I was in the damn water.
  • I shared my overwhelm (another thing I may or may not be good at) and asked for help.
  • With loving support, I jumped. And you know what, nothing bad happened. So I jumped a little deeper today and again, nothing bad happened.

I’m not sure how long this new site will take me (I’ll let you know when it’s up and running) but if I can keep plugging along, inch by inch, row by row, I am sure to get it done. I may even learn some patience (now that would be the icing).

If I can address the elephant in my room, I know you can do the same. I am here supporting you, cheering you on, with complete faith in your learning abilities; go for it :)