I am Lesley Hobbs and this blog is about how to live in abundance. It was created to inspire others to live their passion, to follow their heart and to take a risk. Please feel free to share your thoughts, comments and ideas; I am always open to hearing how others live an abundant, joy-filled life.

I have wanted to be a writer since I was 15 years old and a blog allows me to explore this part of me while also enriching the lives of others by offering who I am, the good, the bad and the uncomfortable.

Check out my writer site www.LesleyHobbs.net

We live across 3 realms – physical, mental/emotional and spiritual; each realm weaves with the others in a beautiful dance and each realm needs to be nurtured and loved. When you begin to spend time with yourself in one or all of these realms, abundance will come flowing into your life.

Abundance is a word that has called my name for many years, and to me it means several things -

  • Loving and nurturing myself daily (and not feeling guilty)
  • Accepting others for who they are (not who you wish they would be)
  • Feeling and expressing gratitude for the many wonderful things in life
  • Accepting, owning and sharing the gifts in my life
  • Having everything you need and some (or much) of what you want
  • Knowing my life has a purpose and if I wake up in the morning, then my work and purpose is not done. No other person can do what I am to do and that fills my heart with awe daily

I hope you find your way to an abundance; I’ll meet you there. Perhaps we can have tea when we get together :)

7 thoughts on “About

  1. You have a great blog here – it is filled with thought-provoking posts and great questions posed for the way we live our lives. I enjoyed my time here!

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